Week 1 What do managers do? Activity 1

Activity 1 Introduce yourself to your tutor group and respond to at least one other student. (Allow 30 minutes for this activity.)


Hi all,

My name is Aboubacar Sidiki Douno but everyone has been calling me by my last name since primary school, probably because it is shorter and simpler, so you can call me Douno as well. 

I am a Software Developer currently working as Health Informatics manager in a non-profit organisation (eHealth Africa) operating in the health and humanitarian section in sub-Saharan Africa. My job consists mainly of managing the development cycle of various Health Information Systems (HIS) from the initial idea, the brainstorming and planning phases, up to the development, pilot and finally, evaluation phase. Of course, this also includes managing and mentoring the developers, business analysts and project managers working on these projects. 

One interesting thing about me is that I love learning new languages, I can communicate effectively (upper-intermediate level at least) in 7 languages. 

Reply to another student:

Hi Jonathan, it’s great to meet another fellow wanderlust. I have been traveling mostly around Europe, Africa and America  (17 countries so far) and seeing the Great China Wall is on top of my list of things to do. It’s pretty awesome that you are also doing for a good cause. Hopefully, we will sharing ideas and notes. Cheers. 

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