Week1 What do managers do? Activity 3

Allow 30 minutes for this activity.

When you have completed Table 1.1, copy and paste it into a message to the Week 1 activity forum. As you read other students’ contributions, compare them with your own. Then post a short message setting out your findings on the similarities and differences in your own management roles and those of other students. The purpose of this activity is for you to gain an understanding of the range of management roles adopted over a variety of management jobs, organisations and sectors.

  • Just like Anthony Tindale, I find myself playing the different roles throughout any given work week. But I particularly find it interesting that he will also like to be more proactive (Entrepreneur) than reactive (Disturbance handler). This is not to say that I do not initiate any change in the organisation but it seems that I am always trying to put out fire, instead of setting measures so that fire never starts in the first place. Since many people have not posted their answer I cannot talk about the differences yet. 

Activity 3 outputs

  • A contribution to the Week 1 activity forum containing a completed copy of Table 1.1.
  • A contribution to the Week 1 activity forum setting out your findings regarding the similarities or differences between your own management roles and those of other students.
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