Why you should get a Priority Pass

If you are a frequent traveller like me, you certainly spend a lot of time at the airport. Usually waiting for a flight or waiting for your next flight during a layover. This would be anything between 1 to 8 hours or even more some times if you have a really long layover. Now, as a millennial, if I have internet access and coffee/tea, access to a power plug,  then I could wait for days. Well, not days, but you know what I mean. 

Though in many airports, you have a free internet connection, it’s usually limited, slow (everyone else is one it). Not to mention the fact some airports do not offer free internet. I am talking about you Istanbul International Airport. 

And we can all agree that food and drinks are seriously overpriced at airports. Try getting a simple juice for $10 at Dubai International Airport. 

What if you can get good internet access and free food and drink? The Priority Pass comes to the rescue. It gives you access to up to 1200 VIP lounges around the world. You will get free internet access, complimentary food and drinks (coffee, lot of coffee), power plugs to charge your laptop and phones, a nice environment to sit in and work, and sometimes even showers and a sleeper couch. 

The Priority Pass comes at a cost, $99 for a standard membership up to $499 for a Prestige membership, which comes with unlimited free access to all lounges. 


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