Welcome to my blog! I’m Douno, also known as the Afrinomad, and here I document my journey to visit every country in the world with a weak African passport. Join me as I share tips and stories to inspire other Africans to do the same.

My Travel Journey:

I hail from Guinea, a lesser-known West African country often mistaken for others of similar names. Despite early visa restrictions, my work in the humanitarian sector enabled me to explore neighbouring countries. Eventually, my passion for travel blossomed, leading me to diverse destinations across the globe.

Why My Blog?

With a weak passport that allows me to travel to only 30 countries in the world without a visa, my travels come with unique challenges, giving my experiences a distinctive perspective. I offer candid insights, shedding light on the realities of global travel for an African explorer.

What can I do for you?

I provide tailored travel consultations, including itinerary planning and visa and immigration guidance. Additionally, I collaborate with relocation experts to facilitate smooth transitions for those looking to move abroad.

What’s Next?

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