Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in 4 days: Day 01

KL Tower

How to get there: Google map

Entrance Fee: RM49.00 for the Observation Deck or RM99.00 for the Sky Deck (include Sky Box & Observation Deck)

Go for the Sky Deck instead, the view is so much better and the experience of the Sky Box is a once in a lifetime. You are standing in a glass box, 300m above ground. Whatever you do, don’t look down! There are two skyboxes offering different views of the city. 

Tip: There are photographers to take your photo in the Skybox, however, the pictures are too expensive. Ask someone else to take your picture with your phone. 

Take a 15min break in the famous Sky Cafe. Warning, it’s highly overpriced!

After the Sky Deck, go down the Observation Deck. It’s mostly a souvenir shop and after the amazing view of Sky Deck, you will not feel like spending much time there. 

Upside Down House

How to get there: Google map – Walk down in the direction of the Eco Park, the Upside Down House is on your left.

Entrance Fee: RM20

I did not enter the Upside Down House, just took some pictures outside. There is a “I Love Kuala Lumpur” sign on the other side of the street, good for taking photos. 

KL Forest Eco Park

How to get there: Google Map – Near the Upside Down House

Entrance Fee: Free

Great view of the park from the canopy walkways. 

Petaling Street (Chinatown)

How to get there: Google map – I walked from my hotel, it’s a good 25min walk. 

Entrance Fee: Free

Bustling shopping district with haggling vendors offering a range of goods, from clothing to food. Vegan tip: try some of the local fruits, such as Josephine and Ciku, there are particularly delicious. 

Central Market

How to get there: Google map – Less than 5min walk from Petaling Street

Entrance Fee: Free

On this occasion, I did not enter the actual market. I was on the outside where you can find local eateries and other products for sale. 

Try the famous Cendol Durian (RM15) at one of the food stalls. Durian is a fruit that can only be found in this part of the world. It tastes really good but has a strong odour. In fact in trains, buses or hotels in South East Asia, you will always see a No Durian sign, along with the No Smoking ones. Cendol Durian is like a milkshake consisting of Durian, milk, beans, and other greens. 

Cendol Durian

Jalan P Ramlee

How to get there: Google map 

Entrance Fee: Depends on where you go.

One of the best spots to spend the evening in Kuala Lumpur if you enjoy nightclubs and bars. Stop by the Liquid Room Kl, Beach Club Cafe, BBQ Nights restaurant (For vegans, I recommend their chickpeas curry), and so on. 

The Bed, KLCC - Capsule Hotel KL

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