Jose’s interview – URUGUAY – #HUMAN

We have invented a mountain of superfluous needs. Shopping for new, discarding the old … That’s a waste of our lives! When I buy something, or when you buy it, you’re not paying money for it. You are paying with the hours of life you had to spend earning that money. The difference is that life is one thing that money can’t buy. Life only gets shorter. And it’s pitiful to waste one’s life and freedom that way.” – José Mujica, President of Uruguay #minimalism #minimalismo


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Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game 4 Highlights | June 7, 2019 NBA Finals – YouTube

It’s unbelievable how the Raptors came out of nowhere this year to be at the point of winning the championship. I need to get myself a Raptors jersey, though a Vince Carter one, sorry Kwahi!


Listened Thank You | Jesus Fellowship Songs from YouTube

A music video to an honest song about gratitude. Filmed at the Northampton Jesus Centre (Deco Theatre) by Upbeat Image – Buy this a…

Funny thing! I came across this song a couple of month ago. I really liked and kept on listening on replay. Then one day I decided to watch the actual video as it was playing and to my great surprise, I knew the singer. She is part of a church I used to attend. Listen to this again today as I read that the church is closing. Mixed feelings…
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Read The closure of Jesus Fellowship Church | Jesus Fellowship Church (Jesus Fellowship Church)

Press update 28/05/2019 From the National Leadership Team of the Jesus Fellowship Church On Sunday 26th May, the members of the Jesus Fellowship Church (JFC) voted to revoke the Church’s constitution. This means that the national Church, formerly known as the Jesus Army, will cease to exist and the current National Leadership Team will be …

I got mixed feelings about this…
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