Estonia, on the Baltic Sea, is known for its medieval towns, castles, and vibrant arts scene. Tallinn, the capital, has a beautifully preserved Old Town.

I visited Estonia in 2022 for a duration of 2 nights. I traveled there by Boat (Eckerö Line) and stayed at Hostel (Capsule Hostels Tallin).

I visited the city of Tallin and some of the most important tourist spots I visited include: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Danish King’s Garden, Estonian Maritime Museum, III Draakon, House of the Blackheads, Kadriorg Park, Kiek in de Kök Museum and Bastion Tunnels, Kohtuotsa viewing platform, Maarjamäe Castle, Patkuli viewing platform, Pikk Street, Raekoja plats, Rotermanni kvartal, St. Catherine’s Passage, St Olaf’s church, Toom-Kooli, Toompea Castle, Town Hall Pharmacy, Viru Gate

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