For any black person who thinks we do not get sunburned, you can’t be more mistaken! And it hurts! I feel like my shoulders are on fire! Before going to the beach, get your sunscreen lotions because you will need it! #brazil #ilhabela #travel
Ilhabela, Brazil

74 °F moderate rain

Brazil Trip Day 3 – Waiting for the Ferry to Ilhabela

To get to Ilhabela, a beautiful island in the state of São Paolo, we drove for 8 hours or so from Uberlandia (in the state of Minas Gerais). Just before you reach Ilhabela, we drove through the rainforest, an unforgettable experience. You are literally driving through the clouds. The humidity in there makes it that it is raining. Just as I was about to lose hope of a nice sunny day, we stepped out of the rainforest, revealing the beautiful coastal town of São Sebastião, illuminated by an ever-shining sun. We could see the islands from São Sebastião. After 15min drive, we arrive at Fila da Balsa where we wait for the ferry to cross to the islands. Be warned that the wait can be long, 1 hour in case. Make sure you have air conditioning and lots of water or beer. 

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Fila da Balsa, Ilhabela

88 °F Hot


Dar Es Salam rising!!! #guinean #guineantravelers #minimalist #vegan #travel #travelphotography #tanzania #daressalaam

Dar Es Salaam