Slovakia, in Central Europe, offers stunning mountains, medieval towns, and vibrant traditions. Bratislava is the capital.

I visited Slovakia in 2022 for a duration of 9 nights. I traveled there by Bus (Flixbus), Train (Europa Express) and stayed at Hostel (CHORS like a hotel).

I visited the city of Bratislava and some of the most important tourist spots I visited include: Balassa Palace, Bax Tower, Bratislava Castle, Csaky palace, Čumil, Equestrian statue of Svätopluk, Keglevich Palace, Medieval City Walls, Michael’s Gate, Morový stĺp, Most SNP, Musical Tiles, Old Town Hall, Petržalka, Bratislava, Presidential Palace, Slavín, Slovak Radio, St. Martin’s Cathedral, The Blue Church – Church of St. Elizabeth, Vienna Gate, Zichy Palace

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