Montenegro, on the Adriatic Sea, offers breathtaking landscapes, historic towns, and the stunning Bay of Kotor. Podgorica is the capital.

I visited Montenegro in 2023 for a duration of 2 nights. I traveled there by Plane (Air Austria) and stayed at Hostel (High Hostel), Hotel (Pearl Apartments).

I visited the city of Podgorica, Budva and some of the most important tourist spots I visited include: Budva Dancing girl, Budva Riviera, Budva Vista Point, Clock Tower, Скали Будви, Depedogen castle, Independence Square, King Nikola Monument, King’s Park, Millennium Bridge, Mogren beach, Old Ribnica River Bridge, Old Town, Plaža Ričardova Glava, Osmanagic Mosque, Santa Maria in Punta Church, Vladimir Vysotsky Monument

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