Kosovo, in the Balkans, is known for its ancient history, monasteries, and a mix of cultural influences. Pristina is the capital.

I visited Kosovo in 2023 for a duration of 2 nights. I traveled there by Bus (Rule Turs) and stayed at Hostel (Prishtina Center Hostel).

I visited the city of Pristina and some of the most important tourist spots I visited include: Bulevardi Nënë Tereza, Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa, Clock-tower, Christ the Saviour Orthodox Cathedral, Милош Обилић, Mother Theresa Square, Newborn Monument, Orthodox Monastery Gračanica, Sheshi “Skënderbeu”, Prishtinë, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Statue of Bill Clinton, The National University Library of Kosovo “Pjetër Bogdani”, Xhamia e Çarshisë, Xhamia e Madhe, Zahir Pajaziti – Statue.

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