Nestled in the Balkan Peninsula, Albania boasts a unique blend of stunning Adriatic beaches and a rich historical heritage. Its capital, Tirana, is known for its colorful buildings and vibrant street art scene, reflecting the nation’s transition from isolation to openness.

I visited Albania in 2023 for a duration of 5 nights. I traveled there by Bus (Arbeni Tours) and stayed at Hostel (Milingona City Center Hostel).

I visited the city of Tirana and some of the most important tourist spots I visited include: BUNK’ART, Bunk’Art 2, Dajti Ekspres, Enver Hoxha’s Former Residence, Et’hem Bej Mosque, National Historical Museum, Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania, Pallati i Kongreseve, Pazari i Ri, Postbllok – Checkpoint, Pyramid of Tirana, Reja – The Cloud, ShĂ«titorja Murat Toptani, Skanderbeg Square, Tanners’ Bridge, Tirana Castle, Toptani

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